Tomb of the Moon God - LATEST OBSESSION #14 T-Shirt

Tomb of the Moon God - LATEST OBSESSION #14 T-Shirt

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For thousands of years, the Egyptian gods watched humanity from the sidelines, only able to interfere through their chosen avatars (no, not like the Disney movie or the anime.)
In Moon Knight, the moon god Khonshu chooses Steven Grant/ Marc Spector as his avatar to save the world from a supernatural threat.

The Egyptian-inspired imagery on this shirt includes the beetle scarab, a sacred object at the center of the conflict with Ethan Hawke’s character, Arthur Harrow. And depicted on the right is none other than the Egyptian goddess, Ammut, the “devourer of the dead,” who has a mysterious part to play in the Moon Knight series. Show off your ancient, nerdy knowledge with this Latest Obsession.

This is the much anticipated fourteenth design in the LATEST OBSESSION line of collectible shirts by New Rockstars. Each shirt design is selected by the New Rockstars team in order to best celebrate whatever New Rockstars cares about right f'ing now.

On the collar is a numbered shirt label to further identify the collectible shirt as unique in this exclusive series. This is now Issue NO. 14. Once the shirt goes out of stock or the Moon Knight season finishes, that number will be forever retired from the Latest Obsession line-up


Technical Shirt specs:This classic fitted tee includes durable features such as seamless double needle collar, taped neck and shoulders, and a double needle sleeve and bottom hem. It's made from 100% cotton; with the exception of two colors. Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry on low.