Custom Shout-Out Rules

SHOUT-OUT Details: Have a custom message featured on screen in an upcoming episode of the New Rockstars after show

- Join the conversation!
- There is a 108 character limit.
- Only eligible with accompanying purchase of the current featured shirt(s), and with an additional purchase add-on of $3
- Shout-outs will be aired on either Inside Marvel or Wookieleaks, depending on what show is currently being covered on an after show by New Rockstars
- Shout-outs typically air on the following week's after show episode
- Once the season finishes the Shout-out option will no longer be available, even if the specified accompanying t-shirt remains available for purchase

Shout-outs are subject to review at creator's discretion. Refunds will not be provided for messages rejected for offensive content. Offensive content shall include political, sexual, discriminatory, and demeaning comments to another person. Shout-outs cannot include promotion of any business or other commercial enterprise. No mentions of digital media companies or platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc.). No web addresses, email addresses, or physical addresses. No returns or cancellations.